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The Most Luxurious Recreational Vehicle in the World | Marchi eleMMent RV

Camping in Style with a $3M RV
eleMMent Recreational Vehicle

A true wonder of modern technology, the Marchi Mobile's eleMMent is the most advanced luxury recreational vehicle in the world.

Marchi Mobile has launched its eleMMent series of ultra-luxurious recreational vehicles. Developed to provide a mansion away from the mansion, the series comes in three, completely configurable flavors and provides every little thing you could require on the road, such as automatic boarding stairs, a flybridge and an operational fireplace.

Based in part on a 2001 style by Luigi Colani, this mobile luxury villa resting on a DAF XF 105 track chassis contains deliberately radical elements such as the very conspicuous oval windscreen that makes it stand out at first sight. It owes its shape to a lot more than a designer's whim, though, as the vehicle's aerodynamic properties result in up to a 20 % reduction in fuel consumption. This eco-friendly touch is nicely off-set by a "truly sportive", max 530 horsepower turbo charged diesel engine, a rear diffuser produced of carbon-fiber and a double tube sport exhaust. The automobile also boasts an above average safety rating.

eleMMent series

The vehicles in the eleMMent series offer mobility tailored to the buyer's specific needs, whether they are looking for the comfort of a motor home, a private jet on wheels as a VIP shuttle or an upscale design truck.

eleMMent Luxury RV

They encompass individuality limited only by imagination and vision:
Precision manufacturing, state-of-the-art materials paired with an unrivalled passion for detail and functionality combine the best of motor-sports, luxury yachting and aviation – a first in the automotive world.

Luxury RV

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Marchi eleMMent Expanded


eleMMent PALAZZO Interior 1

eleMMent PALAZZO Interior 2

The eleMMent PALAZZO is a 4 wheel luxury mansion. The fully automatic, pop-up flybridge lounge with multiple bars towers over two floors that include, among other items, a kitchen, a master bedroom with an integrated bathroom and a couch that can be converted into bar furniture at the push of a button. All the automatic setting-up and dismantling is handled by way of a touch screen control panel. A further, mobile control unit with remote video streaming functionality enables the prudent owner to keep an eye on all the essential indicators and play with lighting and temperature settings from afar.

eleMMent PALAZZO Interior 3

eleMMent PALAZZO Interior 4



This is Marchi Mobile's take on company mobility. The six company lounge swivel armchairs with massage attributes make eleMMent VIVA almost certainly one of the most comfy mobile conference rooms on the planet - or at least the road. The 8.2 foot (2.5 m) tall interior provides a lot of breathing space for serious business negotiations.



The Visione is the only eleMMent vehicle constructed for the working class. It is marketed as a "superior tool to enthuse and inspire the superior target". It is basically a mobile showroom that allows wares to be shown in style. The 39.37 foot (12 m) long vehicle gives 215.27 square feet (20 sq. m) to 430.55 square feet (40 sq.m) of show space.

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The three set-ups described above can be configured at will and can be fitted with almost everything you can find in a luxury mansion. This also includes an operational fireplace (for use when parked), floor heating and a rainfall shower, not to mention cool conveniences like mobile Internet or a 40-inch flat screen satellite Tv. To top things off, the more inventive buyers can even style their own fluorescent coating pattern, which must make the eleMMent stand out in the crowd even in the event of a black-out.

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