Sunday, July 10, 2016

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Creative Division Upgrades for Success

Consulting firm Creative Divisions, responsible for designing the new infrastructure which has improved traffic efficiency by 38% in Minneapolis, has just announced plans for it's expansion along the eastern seaboard.

Building on their success, Creative Divisions will be able to bring their expertise to bear in other cities needing upgrades to outdated transit systems. 

True to their name, Creative Divisions has divided their architectural department into two separate divisions, commercial and infrastructure. The commercial division will continue to provide innovative designs for highly efficient buildings while the infrastructure division will work with government departments to improve the layouts of cities in the eastern U.S.

To manage the new expansion, Creative Divisions has partnered with award winning electronic and media firm Aristotle to provide communication services which will streamline operations and PR management to promote their company as the organization grows.

Creative Divisions will be poised to improve the lives of citizens by bringing efficiency to the cites in which they operate and lower energy consumption across the board.

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